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Engaged & Supported Community Partners

District 51 Strategic Plan Logo emphasizing our vision to engage, equip, and empower.

Working in collaboration with our families and community parters, District 51 can foster strong connections and collaboration between schools, families, and local organizations. At District 51, we believe in building community. We aim to actively involve our families in their children's education, encouraging participation in school activities, and providing opportunities for meaningful engagement. By building partnerships with community organizations, we can enhance the resources and support services available to students and families, enriching the educational experience of our D51 community.

Engaged and supportive families and community partners play a vital role in creating a thriving school district where students feel valued, supported, and empowered to succeed. Their involvement contributes to a sense of belonging, strengthens the school-community bond, and enhances the overall educational experience for our staff and students.


Effective Community Partnerships

District 51 will identify and communicate strategic partnership with organizations and institutions in the community to support the advancement of the district’s strategic goals and initiatives.

  • By June 2025, D51 will deepen relationships with community partners. Specifically, these partnerships will be designed to support student career exploration, mental health, and deepened family partnership.

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Transparent Resource Allocation

District 51 leadership will allocate resources through a lens of fiscal responsibility and in alignment with the district strategic goals.

  • By June 2025, all new and existing school and district budgets will be aligned to the strategic plan.

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Communications and Connections with Families

District 51 will develop communication strategies and leadership structures that ensure opportunities for students and families are clear and available in multiple languages to meet the needs of everyone in the community.

  • By June 2025, the demographic makeup of school accountability committees, district accountability committees, and district leadership committees will mirror the demographic makeup of the district’s student population.
  • By June 2025, 75% of all parents/guardians surveyed will say they always or almost always have access to adequate communication from their school and district.

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