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Strategic Plan

District 51 Strategic Plan Logo emphasizing our vision to engage, equip, and empower.

Mesa County School District 51 is committed to academic excellence with tailored support for every student. With a dedicated team of nearly 3,500 employees, we serve over 20,000 students across 46 schools and programs. We strive to create a positive and inclusive learning environment where every student can thrive.

In the fall of 2021, District 51 gave a seat at the table to stakeholders, families, staff, and community partners and worked to create a three-year, community-driven strategic plan that would serve as our north star. This plan outlines the district's commitment to Engage, Equip, and Empower each and every student, each and every day. Our work is grounded in our graduate profile, ensuring that every student who completes their education with D51 embodies the qualities of being Creative Problem Solvers, Culturally Connected individuals, and Ready for Career and Life.

These strategic objectives are foundational to the success of our district and students. By allocating resources to address the needs of our educational community and adequately preparing future generations, we can continue pursuing academic excellence for years to come.

A Message from Superintendent Dr. Brian Hill

D51 engaged our community, families, and staff to deliver individualized, collaborative, and challenging educational experiences to prepare each and every student for their brightest future.

- District 51 Mission Statement

Prepared & Supported Students

As a district, we are committed to ensuring we engage, equip, and empower each and every student, each and every day, with the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills to navigate challenges and succeed in their academic and personal endeavors. 

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Prepared & Supported Staff

District 51 aims to empower educators and staff with resources, training, and encouragement for excellence. Through professional development, mentorship, and collaboration, staff feel valued and empowered to contribute, fostering a positive environment for both educators and students to thrive.

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Engaged & Supportive Community Partners

At District 51, we build community. We can only do what we do through the active engagement of our families and community partners.  Through collaboration and collective involvement, we aim to foster strong connections between schools, families, and local organizations. 

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