D51 gets some new faces in reorganization

D51 gets some new faces in reorganization
Posted on 08/29/2018
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Grand Junction, CO - School District 51 administrative and support staff underwent a major change this year.

Why change?
The goal of this change was to drop the old way of doing things and put in place an entirely revamped administrative structure with the right people offering the right skills to:

  1. Implement the D51 Learning Model
  2. Decrease the number of executive directors
  3. Increase the time administrators spend in schools
  4. Improve measures of student success, including test scores

Which jobs were added, subtracted?
In order to accomplish the goals above, 16 administrative positions – including nine executive director jobs – came to an end on July 1, 2018.

At the same time, 25 new positions began. These new jobs focus on:

  • Curriculum
  • College and career readiness
  • Gifted/Talented programming
  • School counselors
  • Innovation and implementation of the D51 Learning Model
  • Teacher support, training and orientation
  • Special education
  • Early childhood education
  • Assessment
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of programming 

How did the process work?
Whether their jobs remained or not, most central administrators (34) had to reapply for their jobs or seek other positions inside or outside the district. Thirty administrative jobs carried over from 2017-18 to 2018-19.

Does the reorganization just shuffle admin. employees?
No. While 27 employees were re-hired for or retained their current roles, the other 28 roles were filled by six professionals new to the district and 22 people moving from one role in the district to another.

Most people who accepted a new role in the district were promoted. Some principals were promoted to assistant director or coordinator jobs. Specialists became coordinators. Coordinators became directors. Given the decrease in executive directors, there were steps down, too. In a few cases, executive directors became directors.

Promotions or raises?
You may have heard that these changes increased the total cost of administrative salaries. That is true, but not the full story. There are new salaries for new jobs and an increase in salary for people staying in their positions based on a market study that found the district was not competitive with similar districts.

However, the majority of double-digit pay increases you may have read about are not for people who remained in their jobs. Instead, these “raises” are actually new salaries for people who were promoted, added work days to their calendars, or added whole departments to their workload. Especially for those stepping into administrative roles for the first time, a different salary is to be expected.

Who is brand new to District 51?
* Scott Cooper, Assistant Superintendent
* Nikki Jost, Executive Director of Human Resources
* Charles Delano, Director of Communications
* Eddie Mort, Assistant Director of Maintenance
* Luke Carleo, Community Coordinator
* Diane Haupt, Special Education Coordinator

Who moved roles within the district this year?

Irene Almond – Federal Programs Coordinator (Last Year: English Language Learners Coordinator)

Heather Baskin – Director of Gifted/Talented (Last Year: Gifted/Talented Coordinator)

Andrea Bolton – College and Career Readiness Assistant Director (Last Year: Career & Technical Ed Coordinator)

Margery Brennan – Prevention Coordinator (Last Year: Trauma Intervention Coach)

Dan Bunnell – Assistant East Area Director (Last Year: Pear Park Elementary School Principal)

Maria Deuel – Coordinator of Innovation (Last Year: Content Facilitator)

Kristie Donathan – Assistant Director of ECE/Preschool (Last Year: Assistant Coordinator of ECE/Preschool)

Cathy Ebel – Director of Student Options (Last Year: Prevention Coordinator)

Heather Flick – Coordinator of Instructional Coaches (Last Year: Professional Learning Specialist)

Ari Goldberg – Assistant West Area Director (Last Year: Grand Junction High School Principal)

Leigh Grasso – Executive Director of Site Leadership (Last Year: Executive Director of Teaching & Learning Design)

Melanie Heath – Assistant Director of Finance (Last Year: Budget Analyst)

Shauna Hobbs – Coordinator of Counselors (Last Year: Grand River Academy Counselor)

Sally Huddle – Program Evaluation, Research and Development Director (Last Year: Special Education Coordinator)

Paul Jebe – West Area Director (Last Year: Director of Teaching and Learning Design)

Leia Kraeuter – Coordinator of Induction (Last Year: Lincoln Orchard Mesa Principal)

Rebecca Midles – Executive Director of Implementation (Last Year: Executive Director of Teaching & Learning Design)

Curry Newton – Director of Assessment (Last Year: Director of Instructional Data Services)

Marla Oppenheim – Director of Student Services (Last Year: Executive Director of Student Services)

Terrie ReQua – East Area Director (Last Year: Executive Director of School Leadership Support - Middle Schools)

Cheri Taylor – College and Career Readiness Director (Last Year: Executive Director of Resolution & Federal Programs)

Melissa Turner – Director of Curriculum (Last Year: Fruita 8/9 Assistant Principal)

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