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Mental Health

There are many resources for kids and adults with mental health concerns. Your child can also find help at school by talking to a trusted adult, seeing a school counselor, or anonymously reporting a concern to, which will send the report to school administration, school safety personnel, and law enforcement.

Other District 51 mental health resources include:

  • A Crisis Intervention Team responds to a school impacted by the death of a student or staff member or any other crisis. The group brings extra counselors that remain at impacted schools as long as needed and enlists administrative staff to help.
  • Numerous schools host grief groups organized by HopeWest.
  • A growing number of D51 schools have Sources of Strength, which is a year-round, peer-led program featuring activities aimed at combatting bullying and suicide.
  • Riding the Waves teaches all District 51 fifth-graders about building healthy emotional skills to help combat suicidal ideation early.
  • Signs of Suicide, a suicide prevention and depression awareness program, is offered twice a year in all middle and high school grades. 
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  • A student-organized Kindness is Contagious Week takes place in all District 51 high schools during a week in February, encouraging students to be kind, talk about mental health and suicide prevention, and promote anti-bullying behaviors
  • Suicide prevention posters, which include information about how to contact someone when you or a friend is in crisis, in all middle and high school bathroom stalls, hallways, and counseling offices.
  • Suicide prevention training for all staff members who have contact with students. Hundreds of teachers also have been trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid, an eight-hour “gatekeeper” training.
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) offers a presentation about mental health and suicide called Ending the Silence to small groups in some schools.

Mental Health Resources