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Safety & Security

In District 51, the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and visitors is our top priority. Our Safety and Security Department is dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure environment conducive to learning.

Led by our Director of Safety and Security, our team includes a Safety and Security Coordinator, a Crisis Coordinator, and nine highly trained Safety and Security Officers. Together, they work diligently to implement comprehensive safety protocols, conduct risk assessments, and coordinate emergency response procedures across all school facilities.

Through proactive measures, ongoing training, and collaboration with local law enforcement and first-responding agencies, we strive to ensure that every individual in District 51 feels secure and supported, enabling them to thrive academically and personally.


To receive emergency alerts, text "YES" to 67587 to opt in to text notifications from District 51.



School Emergency Information

Key Words

  • Lockdown - Lockdowns occur when there is a potential threat inside, outside, or near the building. During a lockdown, students and staff are instructed to remain inside classrooms or designated safe areas, with doors locked and windows secured, until authorities determine it is safe to resume normal activities. 
  • Shelter-in-Places - Precautionary measures and usually occur when the school is informed of a situation that will likely not pose a risk of harm or injury to students or staff. During a shelter-in-place, students and staff are instructed to remain indoors, with doors and windows sealed, until the situation is deemed safe by authorities. 
  • Reunification - When students are reunited with parents after an incident or evacuation. The process ensures all students are accounted for and safely returned to their parents or a trusted guardian. Reunifications take place either at the school or a pre-designated alternate site. 

Communication Protocols

Parents will be notified of all lockdowns, shelter-in-places, and reunification locations via text and email. Information on lockdowns and shelter-in-places will also be posted on the D51 website. If reunification is necessary, that information will also be shared on our D51 social media pages. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

For reunifications

  • Upon arrival, parents will be directed to a single entry point where they will need to show a photo I.D. and fill out an information form. Only one parent or guardian should go to the reunification site. 
  • Once inside, the parent or guardian will be instructed to wait in a designated area while their information is confirmed. 
  • After the information has been verified, school staff will escort the student to the waiting parent or guardian. 

Safety and Security Resources