Teaching and Learning

Our District 51 Learning Model focuses on creating learner agency through effective, evidence-based instruction of both academic and social/emotional standards. Our model is made explicit in our D51 Teaching & Learning Framework, which provides a foundation for instructional excellence. We believe this model best facilitates students’ mastery of the Colorado Academic Standards.

Regardless of the duration of COVID-19 impacts on our learning system, our D51 Learning Model will remain in place as a permanent anchor for all D51 educators to effective, evidence-based teaching and learning practices. School staff will be expected to support in-person learning to the greatest extent possible and support remote learning when necessary.

Our D51 Learning Model fosters learner agency through ...

Design for Learning

  • All lessons and units are developed using workshop instructional practices.
  • Teachers facilitate learning by determining an end goal and planning backwards from there to help each student reach that goal.
Learner-Centered Environment
  • Learners are at the center of a responsive learning environment that promotes continuous improvement and focuses on the whole child.
  • Teachers facilitate multiple, flexible pathways for learners to engage in and demonstrate their learning.
  • Teachers use workshop routines, procedures, and systems to create a safe, predictable learning environment.
Monitoring Learning
  • Teachers use a variety of assessment criteria, methods, and purposes to make learning expectations transparent to students.
  • Multiple opportunities are provided for learners to demonstrate their learning.
  • Our reflective learners participate in ongoing feedback cycles.
  • Progress and movement towards mastery is clearly defined and reported in a timely manner.
Professional Engagement
  • Teachers use the D51 Unified Curriculum and aligned resources to support collaboration with colleagues in Learning Communities.
  • Our D51 Educators self-reflect in their implementation of the D51 Learning Model and Workshop for All practices, using data and coaching cycles to drive continuous improvement of their instructional practices. 

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