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Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education

Mesa County Valley School District 51 is dedicated to engage, equip and empower multilingual learners with the English language skills and cultural understanding they need to succeed academically as established by national and state standards for English language acquisition. The Department of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE) of Mesa County Valley School District 51 serves multilingual learners whose native or dominant language is not English. The district offers a K-12 program supporting the development of listening, reading, speaking and writing skills aligned to grade-level content instruction and language proficiency levels as measured by World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Consortium’s assessment system.

CLDE Vision

Engage, equip, and empower multilingual learners by promoting value, equity, language acquisition, and academic achievement.

CLDE Mission

To provide multilingual learners with access to rigorous academic standards and quality instruction in order to become fluent in English, while incorporating students’ language and culture in preparation for success in a global society.

CLDE GoalsBy building collaborative relationships and targeted professional learning between District 51 stakeholders, the goal is to increase student achievement of academic standards through the strategic use of the Colorado English Language Proficiency Standards (CELP). Through careful design of the District 51 Learning Model with ongoing assessment and reporting of language acquisition, the goal is to create a timely progression of second language acquisition for successful transition into all mainstream content classrooms.

Seal of Biliteracy

District 51 awards a Seal of Biliteracy in recognition of a student who has attained proficiency in English and one or more other world languages with their high school diploma.

Spanish Language Development

We offer a K-8 50/50 Dual Language Education program at Dual Immersion Academy and Bookcliff Middle School. Students learn how to speak, comprehend, read and write in both English and Spanish, regardless of native language. Our dual language educators support language development of either English or Spanish through integration of language, literacy and content.


Address: Compass Park Building, 2768 Compass Dr. STE 200, Grand Junction, CO, 81503

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Coordinator

Linnea Hulshof
Phone: 970-254-4991 (ext. 14139)

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Administrative Assistant

Nayeli Zavala
Phone: 970-254-5484 (ext. 14131)